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Dr. Charles Lefevre is the President and founder of New World Truffieres, a rapidly growing company specializing in truffle cultivation and the controlled inoculation of oak and hazelnut seedlings with a range of culinary truffle species. New World Truffieres owes part of its success to numerous magazine and newspaper articles in publications including the New York Times, The New Yorker, “W” Magazine, Forbes, Audubon, and many others. With his wife Leslie Scott, he founded the Oregon Truffle Festival in 2006, his interests being to promote educational seminars and trainings on a range of issues, from cultivation of European species to proper harvesting techniques of Oregon’s native culinary truffles.

Born and raised in Oregon, Charles’ abiding interest in forest ecosystems generally, and in wild edible mushrooms in particular, led to both undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology and mycology. He received his Ph.D. in Forest Mycology at Oregon State University in 2002, conducting research on the host associations of the American Matsutake mushroom. He was President of the North American Truffling Society for almost 10 years, and has been an invited speaker at a number of national and international conferences on the North American truffles, most recently as a plenary speaker at the 3rd International Congress on Truffles in Spoleto Italy. He has published technical articles on the Oregon truffles and cultivation of the celebrated European species. Please feel free to contact Dr. Lefevre at

Please feel free to contact New World Truffieres or Dr. Lefevre for information on truffle cultivation in your area or to purchase inoculated trees.

New World Truffieres
P.O. Box 5802
Eugene, OR 97405

voicemail: 503-296-5929

phone: 541-513-4176 -- Please email If you have any trouble reaching us through this phone number. Some callers are receiving error messages


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